About Winnie Rode

winnie4 Born in Germany in 1949
Meditation and Philosophy Teacher, Consultant, Personal- Adviser, Sound- and Music- Therapist, Director, Conductor, Brainwave Entrainer






1969 - 1973

Education as theater director assistent and practice as director at the "Dortmunder Stadttheater"/ Germany. A government supported Theater.

1977 - 1979

Studies of Western and Classical Greek and Roman Philosophy at the University of Bochum / Germany.


Studies for one year at the Tibetan Library and Works in Dharamsala (india) Founder of one of the first Mahayana Buddhist Centers in Dortmund / Germany.

1979 - 1981

Buddhist novice-monk in Drepung Loseling, Tibetan Monastery in Mundgod / South-India.

1984 - 1992

Systematic studies of Buddhist Philosophy at the Buddhist Center in Hamburg / Germany. Traditional preparation as Buddhist Philosophy Teacher.


Founder of Buddhist Center in Diessen / Germany. Director and teacher for more than 13 years at the center.

Since 1985

Tour director for German groups tours to Buddhist countries with the aim to establish the contact between eastern and western philosophy.

Since 1995

Group coach and personal coach in a therapeutic clinic for formerly drug-dependent people in Germany.

Since 1995

ah 100From different schools of Tibetan Buddhism empowerment as a Lama and permission to teach Buddhist Philosophy. Entering the state of a Buddhist Yogi in Dzogchenpa-Rime-Tradition.

1981- 2007

dalailama 100Personal bodyguard of H.H. the 14. Dalai Lama of Tibet and Security Chief Officer during his visits to several places in Germany


A total of 15 years experience as theater director and pedagogic trainer in an Antroposophic School (Waldorf School) in Landsberg / Germany.


Author of two books about Tibet and Bhutan, ‘Land, people and culture’. 2000 and 2002, Rode/ Binder Hirmer-Verlag Munich.


One booklet about Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Dana, Munich 1995.


Regular meditation-retreats since 1979 until today.


Training in Tibetan-Shamanism, experience since 30 years. Long term experience in sound,brainwaves and singing bowl treatments.

Move to TamanGa Healthcenter Ruediger Dahlke at Gamlitz, Austria



Launched CD "Sabaii at Tamarind", a compilation of different musicians, Tibetan Bowls: Winnie Rode Humm Studios Bangkok 2006.

2007, 2010

Launched Solo-CD, "Healing Therapy Music" Healing and Buddhist Philosophies. Crystal, Humm Studios The Third Ear Production,Bangkok/ Ko Samui 2007 / New Edition 2010

2007 to 2013

Launched CD "Brainwave" Therapy Music" Volume One Keith
Nolan: Piano and Keybord
Winnie Rode: Himalayan Bowls
Keith Anderson: Engineur
Tibetan Monks                                                                                                                                      The Third Ear Production, Humm Studios, Bangkok/ Ko Samui 2007


Launched CD "Overtone Joy" Solo CD and experimental music with different interprets,                          2008, Koh Samui and Lengenfeld Thailand/ Germany  The Third Ear Produktion


Launched CD "The Bright Side of the Moon" A live concert at Yantra Hall, Kamalaya,                                  Koh Samui                                                                                                                                         Winnie Rode, Himalayan Bowls                                                                                                                 Roland Fleischhacker, Electric Guitarr                                                                                                   Keith Nolan, Keyboard                                                                                                                  Mastering and Artwork, Winnie Rode                                                                                                     The Third Ear Production, Koh Samui, Bangkok, 2010


CD "Winnie Rode Live in Concert inplugged"                                                                                          Live Concerts in 2011, Baden Baden - Germany, Singapore, Koh Samui - Thailand.                                   The Third Ear Production 2012, Bangkok    


CD "Klangraum" by Winnie Rode

Sound installation and art CD related to the exhibition A SMILE FOR YOU by Jeppe Hein.

Bonniers Konsthall and Wanas Konst, Sweden.

The Third Ear Production, Pak Chong and Berlin 2013

All Images: Jeppe Hein, Frequency Paintings, 2013