Brainwaves Overview


An effective instrument for emotional and physical transformation

These CDs effectively and distinctly change the state of the brain to last and therefore, also the body and the soul. The brainwave CDs can be seen as a supplement to the usual therapeutic and medical methods which shouldn’t replace them in any case. Their effects are undoubtedly proved by clinic studies.

The Principle Concept

The BRAINWAVE-CDs use special sound structures to change the functions of the brain by complex effects on the nerves in an optimal way.
This process is called Brainwave Entrainment. So, it isn’t “meditation music” with “musical effects”, but special vibrations that - supported by music – intensively change the brainwaves and optimize for desired states und feelings. There are numerous indications.

Just listening in a relaxed atmosphere is sufficient. After some exercise the effects can be realized distinctly and will still continue after the session. Brain structures and functions will be changed to last in the positive sense, so a continuous increase in the IQ can be reached.

Changes in Physiological parameters can also be measured, so there is, for instance, an increased release of serotonin (antidepressant effect) or of the growth hormone or it leads to a new formation of nerve cells, neuronal bonds. There have been 7 decades of research in neuropsychology and neurophysiology with regard to Brainwave sound.

Brainwave music is pulsating, vibrating, inspiring, transforming, harmonizing, enlarging the consciousness, reducing stress, energetic, structuring, stimulating and synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain (better interaction with healthy and integrated people)… and supports therapeutically with numerous indications (sleep, restlessness, fear, stress, trauma, headache, depression, blood pressure, … for more concentration, meditation, alertness, creativity, growth hormone (rejuvenation) (better immune system …)

Instruction to Sessions

The best way of listening to the CD is a quiet environment without stress, in a comfortable chair or lying, eyes closed, at a pleasant volume. Note the correct positioning of the headphones (right headphone on the right ear!); the headphones should be of good or very good quality and fit well. A glass of water before beginning stimulates the transformation processes.

This sound helps to relax, meditate and to increase motivation and is used for psychotherapy. It doesn’t replace appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic diagnostic and treatment.

The Brainwave CD shouldn’t be used by: epileptics, pregnant women (no negative cases known – only precautions!), people with pacemakers or tendency to fits in general. The CD mustn’t be listened to in any case during driving or handling a machine.

You may change the soundtracks into mp3 files on the computer at any time to play them on a mp3 player, the effects are the same (good quality from 192 kbps. WMA isn’t recommended.

Effects and safety: Brainwave Entrainment is a very safe and harmless method for “personal improvement”.

1) Without Fear and Stress

Alpha waves are the most effective frequency for this indication. Alpha waves are a very relaxing brainwave frequency and has proved to be very effective for reducing fear and stress. In some cases states of fear can also be eased by Beta sessions.

These frequencies stand for high intelligence and fast reactions. The state itself can be compared to the one with a cat in front of a mousehole: Relaxed, but always ready.

Missing Alpha and/or Theta waves lead to overexcitement, which is characterised by fear and stress. People with a lack in these frequencies often consume alcohol or drugs in order to produce this kind of brainwave, which only has temporary but lasting harmful effects.

2) Growth-Healing-Antiaging (Growth hormone-HGH-Stimulation)
This session puts the brain into a state where an adult usually produces the growth hormone. The HGH (somatropin) is formed in the Alpha cells of the hypohysis front lobes. Most HGH is produced during sleep.

The highest production of HGH is during puberty. Every other energy consuming process (physical activity, physic stress, starving) stimulates the release of HGH. The growth hormone is the most significant hormone concerning quantity of the hypophysis and is responsible for healing and the healthy structure of the body.

3) Creative Brainstorming
This session mainly stimulates Alpha and Theta waves, randomly produces higher frequencies in repetition. This way new neuronal bonds are produced and the conception of new ideas is stimulated. Alpha-Theta increases serotonin and betaendorphines (painkillers) and the release of neurotransmitter substances.

The concept: creativity depends on the ability to build up accidental, new neuronal bonds (creation of completely new ideas) – openness and receptivity for new ideas.

4) Relaxing Sleep (Sleep Training)
Insomnia is often the consequence of a lack in certain brainwave frequencies, SMR (sensomotorical rhythm). SMR reduces the physical movement during sleep. If the availability of SMR is increased by brainwave entrainment, there is often deeper sleep and more performance during the day. SMR is at the bottom at the border to Alpha, at 13 to 15 Hz.

These frequencies stand for high intelligence and fast reactions. This session can be used before sleep, it increases the ability of sleep in general, but doesn’t necessarily lead to falling asleep directly (better through Theta or Delta waves).

5) Schumann Resonance (Earth Vibration)
A brain frequency of 7,83 Hertz is oscillated in harmony. It creates contact to “mother earth” and has a deep “healing” and also soothing, meditative effect. By regular use of the Schumann CD the body profits from these healing frequencies, our biological system is renewed and can be repaired more easily.

6) Stimulation of the Immune System
This is a relaxing Alpha-Theta session. Alpha-Teta sessions have proved to be very effective in the acceleration of the healing process and increase the T cells, which are very important for the function of the immune system. In an examination of HIV infected people an increase of 34 % of T-4 helping cells through brainwave training could be proved.

7) Without Pain (Chronic Pain – Fibromyalgy)
This session induces sub delta (0-1 Hz) frequencies, which have a soothing effect on the limbic system, in particular on the structures of the amygdala and hypothalamus. The amygdala (almond) is a core topic of the brain in the medial part of the temporal lobes. It belongs to the limbic system.
The amygdala is particularly involved in the creation of fear and of other emotions, as well as sexuality. The hypothalamus is the most important centre of the vegetative system, which consists of different homeostatic control circuits. Even smallest disorders in the amygdala, relatively small midbrain area, can have effects on the viability of the individuum.

Delta waves are very helpful in situations of high pressure, stress and pain. The dysfunctioning of the amygdala and the hypothalamus may cause pain and negative stress. The fibromyalgy is a painful disease, which is marked by chronic generalised pain in the muscles, ligaments and bones, stress is supposed to be the main cause.

8) Sub Delta Waves Deep Meditation
Delta stimulation in general is strongly hypnotising and sub Delta (0-1 Hz) waves in particular have an extremely calming effect on the limbic system (Amygdala, Hypothalamus) which themselves operate on Delta frequencies.

These areas are linked with emotions, anxiety, the flight reflex, blood pressure, and general tensions.
By training the Delta frequencies you can prepare for meditation (which of course cannot replace real meditation).
Moreover surprisingly positive effects of reducing pains and a high blood pressure have been reported. In some studies an increased distribution of the growth hormone could be found.

9) Beta Performance
Beta sessions are magnificent to increase mental abilities, being awake and fully concentrated at all energy levels.
Beta waves are very effective for the therapy of chronical tiredness, chronical pain (fibromyalgia), seasonal depressions, anxiety and hyperactivity. Beta training can support weight reduction because it increases metabolism and reduces the wish to intake carbohydrates.