Singing Bowl Treatment

Open Mind, Open Heart

Music or any kind of harmonic sound is native to the human mind. There is no culture on Earth that does not have it, and our brains are wired to apprehend and be moved by it’s magic.Singing bowls can give access to a field of unlimited possibilities through their magic and internal effects.

treatment small 1Firstly, the singing bowl is something you should enjoy, without any ulterior motives. Preconceived ideas of possible experiences or any expectations will only be an obstacle to what is actually happening. An open mind and an open heart are, at the end, the most reliable signposts on the path leading inwards, both into sound and into yourself.

When you hear something or experience something, in any form, it is important to take note of the innermost feelings and experiences, feel it and then let it go. Be aware of rational thoughts and emotions, that ist he meanig of open mind and open heart. Everyone undergoes changes and therefore influences sound in different ways.

Vibration is Synchronisation and Inner Massage
Sound creates, sound changes, and sound heals.The effects of Singing Bowls can be used therapeutically. An introduction into the five main chakras according to the Buddhist Tantric System: You should visualise the chakras and the corresponding colour.

At the same time you should give some space for your inner pictures, memories and emotions which will appear mostly automatically if you let everything go.After some time you can add more and more the gained experiences to the appropriate meanings of the different chakras.

Chakra  Place  Colour  Negative Emotion  Positive Quality 
Root  At the pubic bone  Green  Greed  Generosity 
Navel  Three fingers below the navel  Yellow / Orange  Ignorance  Wisdom / Clarity 
Heart  At the middle of the chest  Blue  Jealousy  Openess / Loving Kindness 
Throat  In the throat  Red  Pride  Peacefulness / Humility 
Crown  At the highest point of the head  White  Distraction / Desire  Compassion


Disharmony will change into harmony
As a synchronisation to an individual possibility to enjoy or heal while you concentrate on your specific illness or mental problem.This relates to the tendency of objects which make almost identical movements, to move completely synchronistically.

Two wave moments which are almost but not quite the same, change and become increasingly similar until they are exactly the same. Many people feel that their spirit has been touched when they listen to the living sound of singing bowls. The sound instills a feeling of great space or profound peace and bliss. Furthermore, the sense of physical well-being after listenig to a singing bowl performens is not only the result of deep relaxation.

Water is the ideal carrier of vibrations The powerful vibrations of singing bowls spread quickly through our body which consist of more than 80% of water, and this results in a very delicate internal massage of every cell. Furthermore, the brain-waves created by the bowls like alpha, beta, gamma, theta and so on rediscover and renew the neurons in our brain while creating seratonin.

singingbowls300The human body is a living entity of vibrations and wavelengths. A healthy organ and muscle is well tuned, meaning that it vibrates only at ist own frequency, while the frequency of a sick organ is disturbed. Singing Bowls recreate the original harmonic frequency, and stimulate the body to rediscover its own harmonic frequency, by making it vibrate to the frequency of the bowl, and when it is synchronised, it can vibrate independently.

Therapeutic Use
Singing bowls have an wonderful effect on people. Therefore they are increasingly used as therapeutic aids.The holistic way of thinking makes no distinction between the body and the spirit. All we can do is to follow our own path, at the same time to learn from the old traditions, to work with singing bowls for the benefit of our body and mind.

Just a few useful indications:
Broken Heart
Cardiac troubles
Drug abuse
Muscle tensions
Soft Detox